Sparking Conversations, One Kit at a Time

At tifh, we believe in the power of meaningful conversations between parents and children. Our kits are designed to equip parents with the tools, expertise, and confidence needed to navigate important discussions with their little ones.

Our Kits

  • Is That a ‘Girl Thing’?

    Make sure your child knows that their gender shouldn’t limit their interests.

  • How To Decide Together?

    Delve into the world of voting and decision-making.


  • Is That Fair?

    Portray to your child why it is important to treat everyone equally and fairly.


  • Where Do Babies Come From?

    Teach your child how kids come to the world.


Fun, Easy, Engaging Talks with Your Child!

  • Conversational

    Our activities and conversation starters take the guesswork out of discussing important topics with your child, ensuring meaningful interactions every time.

  • Playful

    Explore big ideas through play with our thoughtfully designed activities,
    fostering creativity, empathy, and understanding in your child.

  • Convenient

    With a tifh box delivered straight to your doorstep, you'll have everything you need to spark conversations and create lasting memories with your little ones, all in one convenient package.

  • ★★★★★

    “If you're like me, always struggling to get your kids to open up, you need this. Seriously, these boxes are magic. We're having the best talks ever!”

    Lauren A.
  • ★★★★★

    “With tifh, I feel like I'm actually making a difference in my child's life. The ease of use is just the cherry on top.”

    Adam L.
  • ★★★★★

    “I'm blown away by how easy tifh makes it to have meaningful conversations with my kids. Definitely worth every penny.”

    Jennifer K.

What's in the Kit?

tifh kits are thoughtfully created by experts to help parents and caregivers navigate important conversations with their children in a fun, engaging, and educational way.

  • Guide for Grown-Ups

    A comprehensive guide for parents with tips, conversation starters, and strategies to facilitate meaningful discussions with your child.

  • Storybook

    A beautifully illustrated storybook tailored to the kit's theme, designed to introduce the topic in an age-appropriate and relatable manner.

  • Creative Activity

    Materials and instructions for a creative activity that deepens the conversation and allows children to express their thoughts and feelings about the topic in a hands-on and artistic way.

  • Fun Surprise

    A delightful surprise related to the activity, adding an extra element of fun and engagement to the learning experience.

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